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Health and Beauty Essentials

Our bodies are filters, and like any filter it can become clogged by substances that don’t move freely through it. The people who control how many of these substances are allowed in our water and products don’t consider that every body is different. They work from a statistical baseline that doesn’t care about you as a person. They use the fact that our bodies are self-healing and prey on our insecurities as a means to create profits.

Fight back by following these health and beauty essentials:

Most people start the day with a wicked blend of neurotoxins in the form of toothpaste. Try David’s instead. Based on the label and their promotions, it is among your safer bets for avoiding harmful substances.

If you drink coffee, consider using a glass press instead of any coffee maker that introduces hot water to plastic. (Harmful chemicals leach into the beverage during the brewing process.)

Water is an essential element. Water packaged in plastic has the potential to cause breast and prostate cancer among other things, and the stuff that’s coming out of your tap is most likely worse. Be sure to filter all water that you drink and put on your body. I use a filter in my shower to take out some of the chemicals that would otherwise absorb into my bloodstream through my skin and scalp. They’re inexpensive and easy to install (and extend the life of your hair color!).

If you wear makeup, gradually substitute organic “skin care” for your current beauty products. As you educate yourself and read labels, you’ll discover how much these products are actually aging you, maybe even making you sick.

Learning to eat healthy foods is a never-ending process. Our bodies are healthier in every way when they aren’t battling the foods we are choosing. Organic foods have two major advantages over contemporary brands: They are NON-GMO, and there are no pesticides or herbicides used in their cultivation. Non-processed (whole) organic foods are your best choice. The best way to switch from a commercial diet to a whole foods diet is cold-turkey. Once your body is clean, you won’t be as tempted to get back on the starchy carb rollercoaster because you’ll notice how sick you really feel when you’re on it. But that’s hard for most people to do. Try learning about poisonous ingredients and avoiding them by reading labels. Be wary of the recent changes at the FDA that allow these toxins to be labeled using words like “Natural Sugars”.

If you asked me “What are the most important health and beauty essentials?”, I’d give you the following list:

  1. Drink plenty of clean/filtered water
  2. Avoid plastic whenever possible
  3. Avoid processed foods and eat whole foods whenever possible
  4. Use non-toxic soaps and cosmetics (including hair-color)
  5. Enjoy physical activity on a regular basis

It’s not about eliminating everything toxic in your life; it’s about trying to! I still come into contact with plenty of toxins as I go about my day – they can’t be avoided in populated areas. But as I learn the truth about what’s inside the products we use, I increase my desire to care not only for the way I look, but for my body itself. If I care for my self, my beauty will never fade as I transition from youth through the golden years.

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