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“Be” More Beautiful

FACT: The cosmetics and beauty industry is nearly ten times larger than the tobacco industry with projected sales of over $1 Trillion for 2019.

Can you admit that you’re a little obsessed with your looks? It’s easy to do with the amount of marketing we are exposed to every day. We are constantly reminded of our need to be more beautiful as we use our phones, watch tv and visit with friends.

There’s a healthy balance to caring for your appearance. Your skin is an organ; a sponge that moves substances out of and into your body. It wasn’t intended to be used as a filter for toxic compounds, though it does a pretty good job of it. The FDA incorporates this into its guidelines for approving toxic substances in consumer products. They use statistical baselines that ignore the fact that every body is different. What is safe for some can be deadly for others. This is true in all aspects of life, and if you are listening to your body you know what I’m talking about.

You don’t have to poison yourself to emit a beautiful, healthy glow. Organic Hair Color and non-toxic alternatives are popping up everywhere to address the concerns of people who are sick from looking good. You will “be” more beautiful when you learn to highlight your positive features and care for your body with products that contain holistic compounds rather than synthetic ones.

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